CHA News Article

CHPSO/ECRI Offer Root Cause Analysis Evaluation

The California Hospital Patient Safety Organization (CHPSO) has contracted with ECRI Institute to support confidential patient-safety data collection and analysis. More than 90 CHPSO members are reporting, or are near reporting, to the CHPSO/ECRI database. Working with ECRI has expedited the data-collection process, better serving the needs of CHPSO’s growing membership. CHPSO members can access many services from ECRI, including root cause analysis (RCA) evaluations, whether or not they are submitting data yet.

CHPSO member hospitals can submit up to six RCAs per year to ECRI through a secure CHPSO/ECRI portal. ECRI provides a written critique of each organization’s RCA including assessment of thoroughness, identification of root causes and effectiveness of the action plan.

For more information, contact Gail Horvath at or (610) 825-6000, ext. 5578. CHPSO membership is offered at no charge for members of CHA and the Regional Associations. CHPSO assists California hospitals in making their institutions safer by examining what went wrong and why, and sharing lessons learned with other hospitals. To find out more about membership, contact Rory Jaffe, MD, executive director, CHPSO, at or (916) 552-7568.