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CHPSO Solicits Volunteers for Advisory Council on New Neuraxial Connectors

To reduce the risk of medical device tubing misconnections, international standards are being developed to replace Luer connectors for applications other than intravenous and intradermal. The neuraxial connector standard is near completion, and the California Hospital Patient Safety Organization (CHPSO) is the sole U.S. clinical representative for the international standards process. CHPSO has been asked to develop an advisory council of those who frequently use neuraxial devices for fluid injection or withdrawal, such as anesthesiologists, neurologists and oncologists; as well as others involved in the medication and procurement process, such as pharmacists and materials managers. One product the advisory council will develop is a set of FAQs for hospitals and core messages for practitioners. For more details, or to express interest in joining the group, contact Rory Jaffe at