CHA News Article

CHPSO Participates in International Standardization of New Connectors

The California Hospital Patient Safety Organization (CHPSO) is taking part in an international effort to create standards for replacing Luer connectors for enteral and neuraxial uses with new connectors to prevent accidental, and sometimes fatal, misconnections with intravenous lines. Meeting California’s Jan. 1, 2016, deadline for implementation of new connectors will be difficult for manufacturers, and CHPSO is working with the FDA, manufacturers and clinicians in other countries to help accelerate standards development and device manufacture in order to meet the deadline.

New challenges will arise during the transition period from universal use of Luer connectors to non-Luer connectors for specific uses. More information about these connectors (including the first pictures of the prototype neuraxial connectors) and the process for establishing the international guidelines is available on the CHPSO website. While much discussion is currently taking place within the patient safety community about the connectors, CHPSO is the only clinically oriented organization actively participating in this phase of the project. Hospitals that have questions or concerns should contact CHPSO directly.

Early in 2014, CHPSO will schedule a webinar open to all hospitals, discussing the new connectors, the planned industry-wide rollout, and steps hospitals can take to make the change successful. Details about the webinar will be published soon in CHA News and the CHPSO Patient Safety Newsletter.