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CHCF Report Examines Quality of Care in California
Measures include childbirth, children’s health, management of patients with chronic conditions

The California HealthCare Foundation (CHCF) has released a report titled Quality of Care: Signals of Change, examining the quality of care in California on a variety of measures, including childbirth, children’s health and management of patients with common chronic conditions. It also provides data on mental health care, patient safety, nursing homes, home health and end-of-life care.

Key report findings include:

  • California hospitals showed improvement in timely, effective delivery of care for heart attack and heart failure patients. Inpatient mortality rates for several heart-related conditions and procedures were cut in half.
  • Racial disparities persist in hospital admissions for diabetes and heart patients.
  • Maternal mortality rates declined overall, but rates for African American women were still significantly higher than for other racial/ethnic groups.
  • California home health agencies performed better than the nation on some measures related to physical and mental health, but were among the worst in improving activities of daily living.
  • Medicare patients in California were more likely than those nationwide to die in a hospital and to have an ICU admission in the days preceding death.

The report was published as part of the CHCF California Health Care Almanac, an online clearinghouse for key data and analysis examining California’s health care marketplace. The full report is attached.