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CHCF Releases Report on Monitoring Medi-Cal Access

The California HealthCare Foundation (CHCF) has released the attached report titled Monitoring Access: Measures to Ensure Medi-Cal Enrollees Get the Care They Need. Prepared by Mathematica Policy Research and the Urban Institute with support from CHCF, the report provides a framework that can be used to determine the extent to which Medi-Cal provides beneficiaries with appropriate access to health services. The report includes an overview of the current landscape of monitoring access (including California efforts as well as emerging federal initiatives), and a targeted set of recommended measures and benchmarks intended to assess availability of services; use and receipt of appropriate care; and health outcomes, including health status, limitations and health behaviors.

The report — the first in a series of CHCF studies offering a comprehensive examination of Medi-Cal enrollees’ access to care — is intended as an actionable starting point for policymakers and other stakeholders to monitor changes in access to care, identify disparities in access across subgroups or regions, and compare access between Medi-Cal enrollees and other insured populations. CHCF will release additional installments in this series over the next two years, beginning this summer.