CHA News Article

CHBE Seminar Highlights Coverage Goals

A recent California Health Benefit Exchange (CHBE) web seminar for stakeholders addressed outreach and education strategies to optimize the number of insured Californians. CHBE seeks to promote maximum enrollment of uninsured individuals by building on and leveraging existing resources, networks and channels, including collaboration with partners with common goals. The first coverage goal is to enroll 2.8 million Californians who are newly eligible for Medi-Cal, Healthy Families or CHBE with subsidized coverage or without subsidies by the end of 2014. For 2015 and 2016, the coverage goals increase to 3.6 million and 4.4 million Californians, respectively. The attached meeting materials discuss several challenges in meeting the coverage goals, including consumers having little to no awareness of the Affordable Care Act and its benefits, limited amount of time to create awareness and drive enrollment, diversity of consumer culture and the cost of mass media. The presentation also covered some of the emerging principles related to a statewide Assisters Program.