CHA News Article

CHBE Discusses Qualified Health Plan Policies

The California Health Benefit Exchange (CHBE) Board discussed policies related to Qualified Health Plans at a meeting yesterday in Oakland. The board reviewed several recommendations on plan selection, benefit design, premium subsidies, cost sharing, network adequacy standards, quality, affordability and essential community providers. CHA Senior Vice President Anne McLeod served on a reactor panel and responded to several of the options included in the recently released 263-page document, attached below. McLeod said CHA supports a broader definition of essential community provider that includes physicians, clinics and hospitals that have demonstrated service to the Medi-Cal or low-income population. She also told the board that additional work should be performed to ensure essential community providers are included in CHBE health plan networks. The CHBE Board is accepting written comments on the proposed policies. CHA will work with hospitals to prepare comments by the Aug. 6 deadline.