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Charity Care Bill Proponents Long on Rhetoric, Short on Facts
CHA fact check shows misinformation prominent in AB 1952 Health Committee discussion

CHA has released a fact check to correct inaccurate claims about AB 1952 (Pan, D-Sacramento), a measure that would impose a 5 percent mandate for charity care on most nonprofit hospitals and create a one-size-fits-all charity care requirement across diverse communities in California. CHA’s fact check corrects several statements made by the bill’s proponents during a recent Assembly Health Committee hearing. The statement points out that California law already requires hospitals to have detailed charity care and discounted payment policies; hospitals are doing their part to comply with state and federal laws; AB 1952 is a major step backwards from national efforts by Medicare; and proponents are misusing information from the California State Auditor.

“Hospitals across the state are facing enormous challenges as they strive to ensure adequate access to high-quality care while coping with more than $23 billion in federal payment cuts,” said CHA President/CEO C. Duane Dauner. “AB 1952 is an unjustified burden on hospitals. Three governmental definitions of charity care already exist. Adding a fourth definition does nothing to improve access or quality, or to reduce hospital costs.”

CHA’s complete fact check and statement are attached.