CHA News Article

CHA Video Statement Thanks Governor and Legislature for Enacting SB 239

CHA has released a video statement from President/CEO C. Duane Dauner, thanking Governor Brown and the State Legislature for their leadership in enacting SB 239
(Hernandez, D-West Covina/Steinberg, D-Sacramento). The new law eliminates Medi-Cal cuts for non-rural hospital-based skilled-nursing facilities (rural facilities were exempted in August) and lifts a rate freeze that was harming health care providers struggling to treat some of the most medically complex patients. It also delivers more than $10 billion in new federal Medicaid funds to California hospitals over the next three years and will provide $2.4 billion in additional revenue to the state General Fund.

“SB 239 creates protections for the state, for patients, and for hospitals without any tax increases,” Dauner explains in the video. “In all, patients and Californians are the real winners.”