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CHA Supports Prop. 30 as Key to Reducing Budget Deficit, Averting More Cuts
Nov. 7 member call on election results will cover this closely watched initiative

CHA endorses Proposition 30 because we believe the revenue it would generate is essential to reducing the state’s massive budget deficit. If it fails, legislators will be forced to make more budget cuts, which are likely to include cuts in Medi-Cal payments to hospitals. More information on the initiative is available in the attached flyer and fact sheet, as well as at

Proposition 30 will be discussed as part of a Nov. 7 CHA member call covering the election results and implications for California hospitals. The post-election discussion will be led by CHA President/CEO C. Duane Dauner, with additional insight from Anne O’Rourke, senior vice president, federal relations, and Martin Gallegos, senior vice president, chief legislative advocate. CHA staff will address how the election results will impact CHA’s legislative agenda and the implications for the lame-duck session in Washington, D.C., and the special legislative session in California. All members are invited to participate on the call set for Nov. 7 from 11 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. To sign up, go to