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CHA Supports House Letter Urging Fewer Liver Transplant Regions

CHA is supporting a letter to the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) about alternative models for organ distribution examined by the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) Liver and Intestinal Organ Transplantation Committee. California Rep. Devin Nunes is a lead co-signer of the letter, which urges HRSA to implement and adopt the alternative models explored in a July 2014 UNOS concept paper. Under current rules, the nation is divided into 11 regions, and the sickest liver patients are ranked at the top of local waiting lists within their UNOS region. California is currently in Region 5 with Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and Utah, and receives far fewer organs than other UNOS regions. As a result, individuals waiting for livers in California and some other areas have substantially longer waiting times and higher waitlist mortality rates. While moving to four regions will not be a significant benefit to California, CHA believes it is an important step in the right direction and urges UNOS to examine the benefits of even fewer transplant regions.

CHA is working with colleagues in Massachusetts and New York, who share our point of view, to gather signatures from members of the respective delegations. Hospitals with an interest in this issue should contact their Congressional representative and request that they sign the letter. CHA expects a similar letter to be circulated in the Senate following the Thanksgiving recess. A CHA fact sheet is attached.