CHA News Article

CHA Submits Comments on Assisters Program

The California Health Benefit Exchange (CHBE) is considering a proposal for a Statewide Assisters Program that features a tiered model with two types of assisters – navigators and direct benefit assisters. Hospitals would be considered direct benefit assisters. All assisters would be trained, certified and registered with CHBE in order to enroll people. Under the proposal, navigators would perform all activities mandated by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and be compensated by CHBE. Direct benefit assisters would perform most, but not all, of the ACA-mandated activities and not be compensated by CHBE. CHA has submitted comments to CHBE expressing disappointment that hospitals would not be compensated for assister activities. CHA asserts that hospitals should be treated as equal partners in the endeavor to enroll more than 4 million people in either Medi-Cal or health insurance coverage through CHBE, including compensation for enrollment efforts. The proposal and CHA comments are attached.