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CHA Series Addresses Drivers of Population Health Management
New brief, podcast identify factors influencing health care transformation

CHA has developed weekly installments addressing a broad range of topics related to population health management and how it applies to hospitals. As hospital leaders respond to today’s changing health care environment, it is critical that they understand the key components of population health management — an approach to managing the health of a specific population, while managing the cost of care. Weekly CHA News articles will introduce a topic and provide both an audio podcast and a printable PDF addressing strategies of population health management. Aimed at all hospital leadership teams — from small, rural facilities to large, urban hospitals — each short brief features an issue “snapshot” that distills critical information for leadership teams.

This week’s installment, featuring an excerpt from A Framework for Population Health Management — From Providing Care to Managing Health, examines the business and clinical imperatives driving population health management. The attached snapshot, titled Drivers of the Population Health Management Imperative, addresses five key components pushing the transformation forward: real change driven by macroeconomic issues; transformation of employer and insurance markets; increased consumerism; emergence of well-funded competitors; and innovative technology that changes care delivery.

Podcast: Drivers of the Population Health Management Imperative (10 min)

California is at the forefront of health care transformation by virtue of its size and diversity. CHA’s population health management series is intended to ensure members have the tools they need as they take on more responsibility in transforming health care. More information about population health management, along with resources, is available at CHA’s dedicated web page.