CHA News Article

CHA Rural Healthcare Center Offers Representation, Collaboration

Recognizing that rural and critical access hospitals are unique in their communities and among their peers, CHA maintains an advisory board and policy center dedicated to the needs and challenges of members in rural areas. The CHA Rural Healthcare Center represents hospitals whose size and distance from population centers play a distinct role in the world of health care delivery. The center is governed by an advisory board that represents the rural perspective and helps set policy goals that best serve rural hospitals. Advocating for their interests in federal and state legislative and regulatory processes, the center makes its voice heard through the advisory board chair, who in turn serves as a member of the CHA Board of Trustees.

The Rural Healthcare Center is a valuable resource, an excellent source of information about current policy initiatives and a way for members to communicate the obstacles they’re facing. Whether looking at cuts through the federal sequester or changes to Medi-Cal reimbursement, creating a forum where rural members can collaborate ensures CHA’s leadership understands their needs.

For more information about the Rural Healthcare Center, contact Peggy Broussard Wheeler, vice president, rural health care and governance, at (916) 552-7689 or