CHA News Article

CHA Reminds Hospitals to Complete Emergency Code Survey
Deadline is Aug. 15

Last month, CHA and the Regional Associations launched a hospital emergency code survey. To date, 166 surveys have been received. With appreciation to those who have submitted their surveys, the associations urge those who have not yet completed the brief survey to do so by this week’s Aug. 15 deadline. All information collected will be summarized and made available to hospitals and health systems.

Standardization and uniformity of emergency codes can assist hospitals by reducing potential confusion among staff responding to emergency incidents and potentially facilitating communication between hospitals and public safety authorities during regional or statewide natural disasters or terrorist incidents. Health care workers may practice or work in more than one facility, and most likely will change employers throughout their health care careers; therefore, having standard emergency codes that are easily recognized and understood among health care facilities benefits patients, visitors, workers and hospitals.

To access the survey, visit For more information, please contact CHA at (916) 552-7681 or by email at