CHA News Article

CHA Releases Report on Economic Impact of Medi-Cal Cuts
Cuts to DP/SNFs have far-reaching economic consequences

CHA’s analysis of the impact of pending cuts to reimbursement rates for hospital-based skilled-nursing facilities and other providers reveals that as many as 36,000 jobs could be lost statewide if the cuts go through as planned. CHA’s recently released report, The Economic Consequences of Hospital-Based Skilled Nursing Facility Medi-Cal Cuts, found that the overall ripple effect stemming from the cuts could result in a $2 billion erosion to the state’s economy.

“Planned retroactive reimbursement cuts to Medi-Cal will have a devastating impact from a health care perspective,” the report states. “But the consequences go far beyond the nuts and bolts of health care services. These cuts will also be a massive job killer with a statewide economic aftershock.”

A copy of the report is attached.