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CHA Releases Hospital Emergency Food Planning Guidance

CHA’s Hospital Preparedness Program (CHA-HPP) has released the “California Hospital Emergency Food Supply Planning Guidance and Toolkit,” a resource developed through a Hospital Emergency Food Advisory Group. The advisory group included representation from hospital nutrition managers and directors, hospital emergency preparedness coordinators, and the California Dietetic Association. Offering guidance to assist hospitals in planning for and documenting emergency food supplies as mandated by regulatory requirements, the toolkit is intended for use by hospital food services directors and/or hospital dietitians. CHA also recommends that hospital emergency planners review and become familiar with the resources for joint planning purposes.

The toolkit includes:

  • Planning guidelines and assumptions, regulatory references and other resources to support planning efforts;
  • An emergency food planning calculation tool, enabling users to calculate facility-specific plans using facility-specific data;
  • An instructional PowerPoint presentation; and
  • A video presentation that incorporates the PowerPoint

A CHA-sponsored round table session addressing use of the document and toolkit will be held at the California Dietetic Association Annual Conference on April 4 in Pomona. Dietitians who attend the conference are encouraged to participate. Register at

Questions about the toolkit should be directed to the CHA-HPP at (916) 552-7672 or