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CHA Releases 2011 Model Medical Staff Bylaws and Rules
Members can download model for free

CHA has made several important changes to the recommended Model Medical Staff Bylaws & Rules. The document was updated to include changes to the CMS Conditions of Participation, The Joint Commission requirements (including MS 01.01.01), state law with regard to peer-review requirements and recent litigation. Ann O’Connell, a partner at the Sacramento office of Nossaman LLP, updated the manual on behalf of CHA.

As a membership service, CHA has mailed a complimentary CD containing the model and related documents to all member hospital CEOs. The files also are available for members at

The CHA Model Medical Staff Bylaws and Rules is intended to set the framework for the medical staff, hospital administration and governing body to work together cooperatively to achieve their mutual goals. The model stresses the quality-of-care responsibilities of the medical staff, and gives the medical staff latitude to develop standards and procedures for credentialing and privileging medical staff members, as well as applicable standards of care and procedures for monitoring the performance of medical staff members.

Other organizations, including the California Medical Association (CMA), have developed model medical staff bylaws. However, there are important distinctions between the CHA and CMA models. A comprehensive side-by-side comparison chart of the two documents, with relevant comments regarding key distinctions of importance, is provided on the website and the CD. Additional documents include annotated and non-annotated versions of the bylaws and rules, a memo outlining the importance of the models, a summary of the key differences between CHA’s and CMA’s model, and a crosswalk of The Joint Commission’s March 2011 Elements of Performance to the CHA bylaws.

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