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CHA Public Advocacy Program Continues to Promote Flu Vaccines
Hospitals encouraged to post flu prevention ads on their websites

This year’s flu season is in full swing. While many states are experiencing epidemic levels of influenza, California’s flu activity remained at a normal level last week, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. To help educate the public on flu prevention, CHA’s Public Advocacy Program continues to promote flu vaccines for everyone, including health care workers. The program’s Caring is our Calling flu vaccine campaign is using a number of  platforms, including social media, to promote vaccines to protect hospitalized patients and the public. Hospitals can support this public education effort by downloading the campaign’s English- and Spanish-language television commercials to use on their websites. The two 30-second ads, featuring California physicians and nurses, ran statewide last November at the start of the annual flu season. To download the commercials, visit or the California Hospitals video channel on YouTube at The Caring is our Calling website also hosts news stories from around the state on hospital worker vaccinations, and provides a “Flu Vaccine Finder” for locating flu shot providers in specific communities, which is available at