CHA News Article

CHA Provides Testimony, Comments on Covered California Bridge Plan

After reviewing comments and hearing testimony from CHA and other stakeholders yesterday, the board of Covered California took no immediate action on a proposal for a “bridge plan” — which would provide an affordable health coverage option for individuals with incomes between 139 percent and 200 percent of the federal poverty level. The topic was heavily debated among board members and Covered California staff. The specific proposal seeks to maximize enrollment of subsidy-eligible individuals and encourages Medi-Cal managed care plans to participate in the state’s health exchange. Released Jan. 10, the proposal originally included a provision to streamline the process for plans by allowing them to use existing Medi-Cal contracted providers and rates for the bridge plan. In its comment letter on the original proposal, CHA opposed this provision, which was removed from the proposal presented to the Covered California Board at yesterday’s meeting. Anne McLeod, CHA senior vice president, health policy, provided testimony on behalf of CHA. “Driving premiums below market levels will amplify the cost shift and destabilize provider networks, which compromises access to health care services” she said. CHA’s comment letter is attached.