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CHA Podcast Series Explains How to Evaluate Competence Gaps in Population Health Management
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Today’s installment of CHA’s Population Health Management (PHM) Snapshots series discusses a seven-level framework for pursuing PHM opportunities, focusing on level 3: evaluating organizational position and competence gaps. Identifying appropriate opportunities to manage population health must be based on an organization’s competitive strengths and weaknesses. Using a graphic chart to illustrate the key capabilities required for PHM, the attached brief shows how a hospital or health system might analyze its own readiness and opportunities to manage population health.

Podcast: Evaluating Organizational Position and Competence Gaps (5 mins)

As hospital leaders respond to today’s changing health care environment, these key components of population health management will help them develop their unique paths forward. CHA’s PHM Snapshot series, including weekly podcasts and briefs, is intended to ensure members have the tools they need as they assume more responsibility in transforming how care is delivered, coordinated and paid for. More information about PHM, along with previous podcasts and resources, is available on CHA’s dedicated web page.