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CHA Members Join Largest Health Care Rally Ever

Thousands of people joined together yesterday at the State Capitol to voice their opposition to the Medi-Cal cuts that are scheduled to be implemented next month. A large bipartisan group of legislators supports the effort to reverse the Medi-Cal cuts and restore a health care safety net to California. We Care for California, which mobilized the rally, is one of the largest coalitions in state history. CHA is a member of the coalition, along with physicians, health plans, first responders, clinics and many other health care groups. Republicans and Democrats, unions and businesses, urban and rural areas all support finding a solution. Thousands of hospital workers, administrators, volunteers and clinicians attended the rally, including more than one thousand individuals from coalition members Dignity Health and Kaiser. Daniel Ruth, CEO of the Jewish Home in San Francisco, told the crowd how devastating the financial impact would be to patients and workers in his facility. Sharon Spurgeon, CEO of Coalinga Regional Medical Center, said that with the improved state budget picture, the fiscally responsible solution would be to reverse the Medi-Cal cuts and make restorations that protect patients and communities. Drawing broad media coverage, the rally was a huge success in bringing public awareness to this critical situation. However, the fight to restore funding is not over, and CHA will continue its multi-pronged efforts aimed at stopping the harmful Medi-Cal cuts to hospitals and other providers, pursuing every path available including advocacy, legal and legislative. To view photos of the day’s events, see the link below.