CHA News Article

CHA Member Receives AHA Award for Volunteer Excellence

At last month’s American Hospital Association (AHA) annual membership meeting in Washington, D.C., Sutter Davis Hospital/Sutter Health officially received the Hospital Award for Volunteer Excellence for community services. Initially announced last spring, the award recognizes the Sutter Davis Doula Volunteer Program for its positive impact on both patients and their community, including robust public education on doulas’ impact on patient care. Sutter Davis’ 60 volunteer doulas have attended approximately 23 percent of the hospital’s 1,500 annual births. Research shows that patients attended by doulas have fewer medical interventions, improved bonding with their babies, higher breast feeding rates, lower caesarean rates, fewer incidents of postpartum depression and mood disorders and lower medication usage. More information about the award and Sutter Davis’ program is available on the AHA website