CHA News Article

CHA Encourages Support for California Institute for Nursing and Health Care

The California Institute for Nursing and Health Care (CINHC) is California’s nationally recognized nursing workforce center, and as an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit, has partnered with hospitals and health systems for over a decade to ensure nursing’s ability to meet the evolving health care needs of Californians. For the past 10 years, CINHC has fulfilled a unique role offering important benefits for California hospitals and the patients and communities they serve.

Working with coalitions of government, education, provider, and nurse partners, CINHC leadership has created long-term sustaining solutions to building the nursing workforce needed in the current demanding times. The CHA Board of Trustees last week reaffirmed its support of CINHC and urges hospitals and health systems that are able to make a contribution to CINHC to support essential programs that benefit hospitals; CHA members will soon receive a letter from CINHC asking for financial support to continue its work. 

Many members have partnered financially with CINHC, and the progress made demonstrates a sound investment. CINHC does not receive public funds, so infrastructure funding relies on contributions from financial partners — primarily hospitals and health systems. CINHC accomplishments include:

  • Establishing a streamlined RN education process (California Collaborative Model of Nursing Education) to use the capacity in both community colleges and baccalaureate granting colleges to produce a more educated nursing workforce that is better prepared to care for sicker, more complex and more diverse patients.
  • Successfully developing and testing a transition in practice program to prepare RNs for the new demands associated with care coordination from individual to community levels.
  • Identifying the top new roles for RNs with the advent of the Affordable Care Act, and beginning work with academic, practice and policy partners to find the most effective ways to implement these new strategies that respond to changing hospital incentives and community needs.
  • Continuing to drive the work of the California Action Coalition in implementing the Future of Nursing’s recommendations throughout the state.