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CHA Develops Tools to Help Hospitals Activate Emergency Operations Plans

Wildfires, landslides and influenza surge are only some of the incidents to hit California hospitals over the past year. To help hospitals ensure they are ready in the event of an emergency, CHA’s Hospital Preparedness Program has developed a checklist to help hospitals activate their emergency operations plans. The initial response to an emergency begins with recognition of the emergency incident. Situations that disrupt operations may require coordination of response efforts between hospitals, health care coalition partners, emergency medical services, environmental and public health agencies or other entities. Key management issues involving situational status, incident characteristics and resource capabilities must be quickly determined and communicated among response partners to establish a common operating picture.

The checklist walks providers through this process, including step-by-step instructions for activation, assessment, notification, resource requests and tracking, along with information on Hospital Incident Command System roles. Other resources and tools are available at