CHA News Article

CHA Continues to Monitor IV Solution Shortage

As previously reported in CHA News, CHA and the American Hospital Association (AHA) are actively working to address a growing intravenous (IV) fluid mini-bag shortage resulting from Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. CHA has contacted the California Board of Pharmacy and surveyed the CHA Medication Safety Committee for information on specific shortages and the strategies hospitals are pursuing. AHA has communicated to Food and Drug Administration staff the seriousness of the situation and requested that the agency take all steps possible to expedite its resolution. AHA continues to track the Food and Drug Administration’s progress in responding to the shortage.

AHA is also communicating with U.S. Department of Health and Human Services staff working on Puerto Rico recovery efforts, as Baxter ­— a leading medical supply company ­— has several plants in Puerto Rico that are currently unable to manufacture small-volume parenteral IV solutions. In addition, AHA has released a Quality Advisory Alert outlining strategies for conservation during the shortage.

AHA is co-sponsoring a drug shortage summit, to be held Nov. 6, that will convene several government committees to address drug shortages and solutions. CHA will continue to communicate information on the shortage via CHA News