CHA News Article

CDPH Updates Hepatitis A Vaccine Recommendations

The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) has issued the attached All Facilities Letter (AFL 17-21) updating its hepatitis A vaccination recommendations as recent outbreaks have constrained vaccine supplies. CDPH recommends health care facilities consult with their local health departments to identify which patients should receive vaccinations and whether to offer vaccinations to health care personnel. CDPH also notes that health care personnel are not considered at risk for infection when routine infection control precautions are followed. However, when recommended by local health departments, facilities should offer to vaccinate personnel who have ongoing, close personal contact with patients at risk for infection, as well as to staff who clean patient areas or restrooms used by those who have risk factors for infection.

The AFL also references the Cal/OSHA requirement that employers establish an injury and illness prevention program that, in an area with ongoing hepatitis A transmission, should address hepatitis A.