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CDPH Revises Guidelines for Ebola Medical Waste Management
AFL supplements guidance announced last month

The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) has issued revised guidelines for hospitals on managing Ebola-contaminated medical waste. The attached All Facilities Letter supplements guidance announced last month and clarifies that on-site treatment of Ebola medical waste (by steam sterilization) may be performed in compliance with the interim guidelines. If on-site treatment is not available, a hospital may package the waste to be transported to an incinerator at an out-of-state facility. The guidance states that California allows for the incineration of Ebola hospital waste; however, California’s last medical waste incinerator closed in 2001. States with operating incinerators include Alabama, Maryland, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Utah and Texas. CDPH recommends that all hospital environmental services personnel and infection control staff work together to develop facility-specific protocols for safe handling of Ebola-related medical waste.