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CDPH Reminds Providers About Infection Control for Candida auris

The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) reminds health care providers to follow Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines for identification and infection control related to Candida auris. Providers should:

  • Place patients with C. auris in single-patient rooms and use standard isolation precautions.
  • Emphasize adherence to hand hygiene.
  • Clean and disinfect the patient care environment with recommended products.
  • Screen contacts of the patients to identify C. auris colonization. Because patients colonized with C. auris can be a source of C. auris transmission, these patients should be managed using the same infection control measures as for those with C. auris infection.

Health care facilities should report possible C. auris, or isolates of C. haemulonii and Candida spp. that cannot be identified after routine testing, to their local health department and the Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAI) Program at The HAI Program can assist with infection control guidance and coordination of C. auris identification testing at the CDPH Microbial Diseases Laboratory.  For questions about available fungal diagnostic testing services, contact Dr. Linlin Li at