CHA News Article

CDPH Recalls Letter on Program Flexibility

The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) has issued the attached All Facilities Letter recalling a 1985 letter from the Department of Health Services authorizing blanket program flexibility for certain regulations, including: 

  • Bacteriological testing of ice machines (CCR 70865)
  • Disposal of needles and syringes (Title 22 CCR sections 70843(c), 71647(c), 72643(c), and 73641(c))
  • Pathological review of all surgically removed tissue (Title 22 CCR section 70223(g))
  • Disposable humidifiers (Title 22 CCR sections 70849(f), 71653(a), and 72313(d))
  • Training bed (Title 22 CCR sections 72607(d) and 73609(d))
  • Closure of patient records (Title 22 CCR section 72543)

Facilities seeking program flexibility for the aforementioned regulations may request program flexibility by submitting a written request and substantiating evidence to the local CDPH Licensing and Certification district office.