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CDPH Issues AFL on Centralized Hospital Packaging Pharmacy

The California Department of Public Health has released an All Facility Letter (AFL) on AB 377 (Chapter 687, Statutes of 2012), which allows a hospital pharmacy that meets specific criteria to operate a centralized hospital packaging pharmacy. The letter covers the new requirements for hospitals that choose to operate this type of pharmacy, including the need to obtain a Board of Pharmacy specialty license, which is subject to annual renewal. With this specialty license, a pharmacy may prepare unit-dose packages for single administration from bulk drug containers; prepare compounded unit-dose drugs for parenteral therapy; and prepare compounded unit-dose drugs for administration to inpatients provided the unit-dose medication is labeled and barcoded in accordance with California Business and Professions Code Section 4128.4. In addition, the pharmacy may repackage drugs for delivery to another hospital under common ownership that is located within a 75-mile radius and prepare and store a limited quantity of unit-dose medications in advance of receiving a patient-specific prescription. For more information, see attached AFL.