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CDC Updates Zika Virus Resources

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a number of updates on the Zika virus, its transmission and its impact on pregnant women. The attached “key messages” document highlights ways to prevent sexual transmission of the virus, as well as the role of genetically modified mosquitoes in controlling mosquitoes that transmit viruses. CDC has also updated Zika: The Basics of the Virus and How to Protect Against It, incorporating tips to prevent mosquito bites and steps to take if symptoms of the virus arise.

Last week, CDC began reporting the total number of pregnant women with Zika virus infection using two newly established enhanced surveillance systems, designed to align with updated recommendations based on current understanding of the infection’s effects during pregnancy. The new reporting is detailed in the attached toolkit.

More information about Zika virus — including updated guidelines for diagnostic testing and collection of bodily fluids, recommendations for protecting against mosquito bites and additional details on Zika cases in pregnant women — is available at