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CDC Issues ED Ebola Guidance

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has released guidance to help hospital emergency departments (EDs) evaluate and manage patients with symptoms that could indicate Ebola. The guidance recommends ED staff immediately determine if the patient has lived in or traveled to a country with widespread Ebola transmission or had contact with an individual with Ebola in the previous 21 days; notify the hospital’s infection control staff and the local health department; and isolate patients who have been exposed to Ebola and exhibit signs or symptoms. The guidance also states that patients transported by emergency medical services should be received in a designated area and transported to the isolation area with minimal staff and public contact. The CDC recommends a number of other actions, including having health care workers with patient contact don appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE); conduct patient evaluations with dedicated equipment; and consult with the local health department when deciding to test for Ebola. For more information, visit