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Cal/OSHA Updates Health Care Workplace Violence Prevention Regulations
Regulations likely to take effect Jan. 1, but uncertainty remains

At its July 21 meeting, the Cal/OSHA Standards Board staff reported that Cal/OSHA was striving to release the next version of its proposed workplace violence prevention regulations in the next few weeks, and to have the final regulations heard at the Sept. 15 board meeting in Sacramento. Though this might be considered aggressive, Cal/OSHA must finalize the regulations by October or it will be required to start the process anew. The final regulations could be heard as late as the Oct. 20 board meeting. If finalized by the end of October, the regulations would go into effect Jan. 1, 2017.

While Cal/OSHA is refining the proposed regulations, staff continues to develop the reporting tool that hospitals will use to comply with that aspect of the regulations. CHA and several members of its health care workplace violence prevention workgroup attended a meeting with Cal/OSHA on July 8 to discuss the reporting tool and process; documents created by Cal/OSHA and distributed at that meeting are attached. While Cal/OSHA was able to address some of the concerns CHA raised after the Feb. 8 meeting, CHA remains concerned about various aspects of the reporting tool and process. CHA and the workgroup will continue to discuss these concerns with Cal/OSHA.

To assist hospitals in preparing for the regulations, CHA and the Regional Associations held regional roundtables that brought hospital staff together to share information, challenges and best practices as they grapple with preparing for the final regulations. Some hospitals have shared forms, checklists and other documents, which are posted on the CHA workplace violence prevention web page. CHA will continue to post these resources as hospitals make them available. CHA planned to facilitate additional regional roundtables and a statewide call; however, given the new timeline, it is unlikely those events will be possible. Instead, once the regulations are finalized, CHA’s Education Department will publish a health care workplace violence prevention regulations guidebook and offer a members-only webinar.