CHA News Article

Cal/OSHA Releases Second Revision to Proposed Workplace Violence Prevention Regulations
15-day comment period closes Sept.12

Last week, Cal/OSHA released a second revised version of its proposed Cal/OSHA Health Care Workplace Violence Prevention Regulations. The 15-day comment period closes Sept. 12. CHA will work with its existing workplace violence prevention work group to develop comments.  

The changes in this version include deletion of “outpatient medical offices and clinics” and “field operations such as mobile clinics and dispensing operations, medical outreach services and other off-site operations.” This is significant news for physician offices. Now, anything that falls outside a hospital’s license and is not performed on the hospital’s campus — e.g., contracted services provided to schools, airports, retail, etc. — is not covered. Other changes, made as a result of CHA’s comments, include:

  1. The window to respond to questions posed during computer-based training was changed from 24 hours to one business day.
  2. The definition of “injury” for purposes of the reporting obligation is defined as per 8 CCR 14300.7(b)(1), meaning that it requires medical treatment beyond first aid.
  3. Cal/OSHA has clarified which injuries must be reported within 24 hours.
  4. The new version deletes the reference to 911 as the threshold for determining whether an event is urgent or emergent; the threshold is now defined as “a realistic possibility of death or serious physical harm.”

The Cal/OSHA Standards Board staff has confirmed that the final proposed regulations are scheduled to be heard at the Oct. 20 board meeting. If adopted at that time, the regulations will go into effect on Jan. 1, 2017. As noted in an earlier CHA News article, however, many of the substantive aspects of the regulations are not required to be implemented until Jan.1, 2018.

CHA Plans Webinar, Guidebook to Explain Upcoming Regulations

Once the new regulations are final, CHA will hold a members-only webinar to explain their impact and share practices to assist in implementation. If the regulations are adopted at the Oct. 20 board meeting, CHA will host its webinar Nov. 1; members are encouraged to save the date. Webinar registrants will receive a copy of CHA’s new guidebook, Workplace Violence Prevention — How to Comply with the Cal/OSHA Regulations, which will describe the elements of an effective workplace violence prevention plan, include a comprehensive checklist of implementation tips and offer insights on what to expect regarding enforcement.