CHA News Article

Cal/OSHA Issues Second ‘Discussion Document’ for Workplace Violence Prevention Regulations
Schedules April 1 stakeholder meeting

On March 19, Cal/OSHA issued a revision of its Feb. 5 draft discussion document as part of the pre-regulatory stakeholder process to develop health care workplace violence prevention regulations. The revision, attached, was released after Cal/OSHA held a group stakeholder meeting in Los Angeles. As reported previously in CHA News, CHA and several hospital representatives attended a follow-up meeting with Cal/OSHA staff to further discuss hospital-specific concerns.

The March 19 draft will be discussed at an April 1 stakeholder meeting in Oakland. Cal/OSHA is then expected to make additional adjustments and file proposed regulations with the Office of Administrative Law in June to begin the formal regulatory process. CHA’s workplace violence prevention workgroup will continue to participate in the process. For more information on this issue, visit Cal/OSHA’s website.