CHA News Article

Cal/OSHA to Convene Advisory Committee on Health Care Workplace Violence

Yesterday, the Cal/OSHA Standards Board decided to convene an advisory committee to evaluate the issue of workplace violence in health care. The issue was raised via two petitions filed in February – one filed by California Nurses Association and the other by SEIU-Local 121RN. A copy of the petitions and the board’s memo are attached. The decision followed two hours of testimony by various health care workers reciting numerous examples of workplace violence they had experienced. CHA testified that hospitals are very concerned about this issue, are complying with existing law under the Health and Safety Code and would participate in the advisory committee process if that was approved. During the board’s discussion, several board members acknowledged the complexity of the issue, particularly as hospitals do not have control over many facets of the problem including mental health funding, law enforcement protocols, and other issues. It is likely that the advisory committee will meet in September. CHA will actively engage in the process and has developed a multi-disciplinary workgroup on this topic.