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California Hospital Compliance Manual Updated, Expanded for 2015
Still time to register for compliance seminars starting next week

The California Hospital Compliance Manual is the only publication written for hospital compliance officers that integrates California law and federal law on high-risk compliance areas. Written by Hooper, Lundy & Bookman, P.C., and CHA, the manual explains key regulations and laws through Jan. 1, 2015, that must be addressed in an effective compliance program.

This edition explains significant changes to state law regarding hospital financial assistance policies required by SB 1276, including:

  • Expanded definition of a patient with high medical costs;
  • New definition of a “reasonable payment plan” that must be offered to all patients meeting eligibility requirements if an agreement cannot be reached on a payment plan during the negotiation process between the hospital and patient;
  • Required notices to patients;
  • The Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development’s review process for hospital charity and discounted care policies, and related documents to ensure compliance with state law; and
  • California Department of Public Health authority to assess fines against hospitals for violations.

Additionally, the manual details federal law regarding hospital financial assistance policies required by new IRS regulations released Dec. 31, 2014, including:

  • New timelines, content and translation requirements for patient notices;
  • Calculating the amount generally billed;
  • New definition of extraordinary collection activities (ECAs) to include deferring or denying care, or requiring a down payment, based on previous unpaid bills but excluding certain sales of debt and filing of hospital liens against a personal injury lawsuit;
  • IRS enforcement activities and penalties;
  • Requirement that hospitals list in their financial assistance policies (FAP) the providers delivering emergency or other medically necessary care in the facility, and that hospitals specify which are covered by the hospital’s FAP and which are not; and
  • Requirement that hospitals make their full FAP and billing/collections policies available on paper upon request, in any language spoken by 5 percent or more of the patient population.

A model compliance plan that hospitals can adapt to fit their operations is available on an included CD, along with the Hospital Signage Requirements chart, posters and appendixes.

CHA is pleased to offer the manual at a price of $245 for members and $545 for eligible nonmembers. To purchase a copy, visit

Annual Hospital Compliance Seminars Begin Next Week in Southern California

In addition to the manual, there is still time to register for CHA’s annual Hospital Compliance seminars being held Feb. 3 in Long Beach and Feb. 10 in Sacramento. The programs provide compliance professionals with information and practical guidance to stay compliant within an increasingly complex health care delivery system. All attendees receive a complimentary copy of the 2015 California Hospital Compliance Manual. To register, visit