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California Hospital Compliance Manual Expanded and Updated For 2011
Now includes two new chapters and an index of key terms

CHA’s California Hospital Compliance Manual has been updated to incorporate the new federal health care reform laws, as well as changes to other laws through Jan. 1. The manual has also been expanded to include two important new chapters regarding screening for excluded providers, and how to respond to government audits and investigations.

The manual was updated by attorneys with Hooper, Lundy & Bookman, PC, and Lois Richardson, JD, CHA vice president, legal publications and education, under the direction of Lloyd Bookman, JD. “This manual is the only compliance manual written specifically for California hospitals,” said Bookman. “It covers both state and federal laws and clarifies complex areas of compliance that are often misunderstood and that put hospitals at legal and financial risk.”

The expanded edition now includes more than 500 pages of key issues and laws that hospitals must address in an effective compliance program. Also included is an index of terms so readers can quickly find the information they need.

Topics include hospital compliance plans, federal and state False Claims Acts, submission of accurate claims information, proper cost-reporting practices, physician self-referral, anti-kickback laws, repayment and self-disclosure, hospital fair pricing policies, issues for tax-exempt hospitals, and hospital licensing and certification. A model compliance plan is included on a CD that hospitals can adapt to fit their operations or use as a baseline to compare to their existing plans.

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