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California Endowment Commits $225 Million to Implementing ACA
Foundation estimates funds will create 1,500 health care jobs

The California Endowment has pledged a special allocation of $225 million over the next four years to support implementing the Affordable Care Act in the state. According to the foundation, the commitment is to help jumpstart community outreach and enrollment in Medi-Cal and other insurance plans, including Covered California, and prepare for when major provisions of the new health law take hold in January 2014. The funds are also to help expand the primary health care workforce, which is expected to increase as hundreds of thousands of newly insured Californians need services. The foundation estimates the commitment will create 1,500 new primary health care provider jobs in underserved areas. In addition, the foundation hopes to reform the delivery of care to control health care costs and explore public and private avenues to provide more consistent care for the undocumented population of Californians. For more information, visit