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California BRN Provides Updates on RN Licensing Delays

Due to continued delays in processing RN license applications and renewals – a result of online licensing software problems – the California Board of Registered Nursing (BRN) has issued several new updates on licensing and renewal application status. Last week, the BRN issued the attached resource and letter regarding delays with the licensing software. This week’s updates address December and January applications, as well as incomplete applications.

  1. December-cashiered new RN applications (those received and cashiered by the BRN in December) will be processed within two weeks.
  2. The BRN has completed evaluating both endorsement and exam applications through December, and is now evaluating applications cashiered in January, in date received/cashiered order. Some completed evaluations might have resulted in a license issued, while others might have resulted in a deficiency letter being sent or an applicant receiving eligibility to take the exam.
  3. All license renewals with holds that could easily be approved (BRN-verified fingerprint compliance) and that included all questions answered by licensee, have been approved for February. 
  4. The BRN cannot approve license renewals where the licensee did not answer the conviction question or provide CE information for active renewal. The licensee must complete a form answering the conviction question and/or provide CE certification with signature and fax the form to (916) 574-8635 or (916) 574-8637. If necessary, forms can be scanned and emailed to Stacie Berumen for processing. Forms can be printed from the BRN’s Applications and Forms web page.

Applicants are also encouraged to visit the BRN’s License/Certificate Renewal web page for additional information. RNs who have licenses that will soon expire — but who have not been notified about their renewal — should immediately contact Stacie Berumen, BRN assistant executive officer, at (916) 574-7611 or