CHA News Article

Cal MediConnect Ombudsman Services Now Available

The Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) has announced the establishment of the Cal MediConnect Ombudsman program. Effective April 1, dually eligible beneficiaries enrolling in Cal MediConnect can contact the ombudsman to ask questions and resolve problems regarding their health care. Though housed within the Department of Managed Health Care and initiated with help from DHCS, the ombudsman service is provided by independent, external firms. The ombudsman program is designed to:

  • Assist enrollees filing appeals and complaints where needed;
  • Investigate, negotiate and resolve enrollee problems/complaints with Cal MediConnect plans; and
  • Refer enrollees to relevant entities and programs as needed.

To contact the ombudsman, call (855) 501-3077; TTY (855) 874-7914.