CHA News Article

Busy Week Ahead in Federal Health Care Policy

Three key developments this week will shape the discussion of health care. First, the Trump Administration today requested a 90-day delay in a lawsuit over Affordable Care Act (ACA) insurance subsidies, leaving health care marketplaces’ future in limbo through late August. The suit, The United States House of Representatives v. Thomas E. Price, M.D. Secretary of Health and Human Services; U.S. Department of Health and Human Services; and, Steven T. Mnuchin, Secretary of the Treasury; U.S. Department of the Treasury (House v. Price), centers on the ACA’s cost-sharing program, which reimburses health insurers to help low-income people make co-payments at the doctor or hospital. As previously reported in CHA News, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra announced last week that California would intervene in the lawsuit.

Second, the Trump Administration’s first detailed budget will be released tomorrow, May 23. The plan for fiscal year 2018 is expected to include drastic reductions in spending for safety-net programs, including Medicaid. It is unclear how the Republican-led Congress will respond. Third, the Congressional Budget Office is expected to release its score of the House-passed American Health Care Act. The Senate is required to review the score as it considers actions to repeal or replace the ACA.