CHA News Article

Broad Stakeholder Support Enlisted for Emergency Care Systems Initiative
Pre-funding phase includes ED crowding, technology efforts

In preparation for launching the Emergency Care Systems Initiative (ECSI), CHA and the Regional Associations are engaged in a variety of emergency department (ED) efforts across the state. Among the ongoing activities, CHA’s Emergency Services/Trauma Committee members are monitoring ambulance patient offload delays, as well as working closely with local emergency services authorities on performance improvement and technology enhancements to decrease transfer of care times. The Associations are also monitoring new developments with ED information exchange, including a promising new technology that identifies frequent utilizers and helps guide patient management across all participating ED sites through care coordination and case management.

To secure funding for ECSI, support letters have been sent to multiple stakeholders in the prehospital, public safety, payer and provider communities. Once funding is obtained, a consortium will convene to establish emergency services metrics and an emergency services report card to evaluate and improve services with ongoing systemic changes. In addition, local, regional and statewide advocacy will advance and accelerate ED services through a coordinated statewide approach. See the attached brochure for a detailed overview of ECSI. 

Hospitals are encouraged to attend the Emergency Services Forum on Dec. 6 at the Riverside Convention Center in Riverside. For more information about ECSI, contact BJ Bartleson, vice president nursing & clinical services.