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Board of Pharmacy Orders PharMEDium Services to Cease Shipments to California

Following an investigation that indicated noncompliance with state regulations and federal good manufacturing practices, the California Board of Pharmacy issued a 30-day cease and desist order to PharMEDium Services, LLC’s Sugarland, TX non-resident outsourcing facility. The Sugarland plant was inspected by the board, which issued a report with findings on Oct. 11, 2017. Although PharMEDium responded to the findings with an action plan, it has failed to remedy 14 areas of non-compliance. This cease and desist order will prevent sterile and non-sterile drug product shipments into California for 30 days or until the date of a hearing seeking an interim suspension order, whichever is earlier. 

PharMEDium has indicated it will seek a formal hearing with the Board of Pharmacy. In the interim, the board has prioritized the licensing of additional non-sterile and sterile compounding manufacturers to assist hospitals with drug procurement, and is working with CHA’s Medication Safety Committee pharmacists to identify alternative manufacturers and alternative strategies in lieu of using PharMEDium pre-packaged pharmaceuticals.