CHA News Article

Ballot Initiative Submitted to Raise MICRA Cap on Non-Economic Damages
CHA and coalition partners will work to protect MICRA limits

Today, a ballot initiative that would require a cost-of-living adjustment to the Medical Injury Compensation Reform Act’s (MICRA) $250,000 cap on non-economic damages was filed with the Attorney General’s office. If passed, the cost-of-living adjustment would result in an increase of more than $1.2 million in the non-economic damages cap, with an additional requirement for cost-of-living adjustments going forward. Today’s filing is the first step in an extended process required to qualify a measure for the November ballot. 

The initiative also includes other provisions related to physician drug testing and prescription drugs. CHA is partnering with other providers and insurers in the California Alliance for Patient Protection (CAPP) coalition to establish a robust strategy to protect the MICRA cap and limit the unintended consequences that an increase in  lawsuits against doctors, hospitals, community clinics and other health care providers would generate. A copy of the ballot initiative is attached.