CHA News Article

Ballot Initiative Aims to Improve Community Health Through Additional Funding

The California Care Act ballot initiative was filed with the Attorney General’s office today. The Act would impose a 1 percent tax on the portion of taxable income over $1 million. The proceeds would be deposited into special funds in the state treasury — separate from the General Fund — and would be used to make payments to not-for-profit and health care district safety net hospitals and community health clinics, and to increase the availability of frontline health care workers in California. Payments to hospitals would be distributed according to the proportion of adjusted Medi-Cal patient days that an individual hospital provides. 

Through these distributions, the Act intends to improve the health and well-being of communities and community members, and to generally support hospitals’ ability to offer quality, accessible care. The distributions would not be considered as reimbursement by any payer for services rendered, and the funding will not offset any other funding provided by any government entity. Proponents of the measure include officials from Service Employees International Union-United Healthcare Workers West.