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Audit Report Examines BRN’s BreEZe System

Since its implementation, BreEZe, a new information system implemented last year in 10 of the 40 licensing boards housed in the Department of Consumer Affairs, has consistently had problems. Those problems have been exacerbated at the Board of Registered Nursing because of the volume of licensees it manages, and many hospitals have had difficulty obtaining timely endorsement and license renewals. As a result, the Legislature’s Joint Audit Committee held a hearing last fall and requested that the California State Auditor perform an extensive review of the system. In summary, the audit report determined that Consumer Affairs failed to adequately plan, staff and manage the BreEZe project, which has had performance problems, significant delays and escalating costs. The report recommends that Consumer Affairs develop processes that ensure it performs all required oversight activities to identify and prevent future problems.

The audit also recommends that Consumer Affairs complete a full cost-benefit analysis of adding new participants to the program, along with a full review of the currently participating boards to resolve the difficulties they are experiencing with the BreEze system in a timely manner.

Another of the report’s findings related to the Board of Registered Nursing — and different from other licensing boards — is that the Board of Registered Nursing does not have adequate mechanisms to track and monitor the timeliness of its application processing. Unfortunately, this issue clouded the overall impact of the RN licensing delays hospitals experienced with the BreEZe system in the last year.