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2016 Mental Health Law Manual Now Available

CHA’s Mental Health Law manual is designed to help health care professionals understand the laws governing mental health treatment as well as the rights of the patients they serve. The manual provides guidance on how to comply with multiple state and federal laws, and has been updated to reflect regulatory changes and judicial decisions through January 2016.

State and federal law afford special protections to individuals with mental health issues who may be unable to make rational decisions about their care. While medical information concerning mental health treatment is particularly sensitive and must be handled with the utmost of care, disclosure of information to patient advocacy groups, clinical reviewers, county behavioral health directors and others is sometimes required. Unique reporting requirements for facilities and individuals that treat mental health patients further complicate matters.

This straightforward manual clearly explains legal requirements and steps that must be taken in dozens of scenarios. Laws governing the use of seclusion and restraint are addressed, and more than 60 forms – many in Spanish – are included. For more information or to order, visit