CHA News Article

2015-16 State Budget Increases Funding for Licensing Oversight in Los Angeles County

The 2015-16 state budget provided the California Department of Public Health’s (CDPH) Licensing and Certification (L&C) Division with additional funds to augment its contract with Los Angeles County. L&C has a long-standing contractual relationship  for Los Angeles County to provide licensing and certification oversight to facilities in the county. Recently, L&C renewed its contract with the county, including increased funding to hire approximately 70 additional L&C staff. In recent years, L&C (including its work in Los Angeles County) has been under scrutiny to improve performance related to timely completion of complaint investigations and mandated licensing surveys.

To allow Los Angeles County sufficient time to hire and train additional staff, the contract provides that CDPH L&C will assume the non-long-term care facility complaint investigations for one year, including hospitals and acute psychiatric facilities. Hospitals in Los Angeles County should continue to report adverse events and unusual occurrences to the county as usual. However, investigations may be performed by staff from other CDPH district offices.

L&C calculates provider fees based on the associated survey activity within each provider category (hospital, clinic, etc.). As L&C is able to hire and train additional staff and complete more survey work, provider fees may increase in coming years.